Your new pole sign comes with a (5) Five Year Limited Warranty which covers construction defects, lighting (if applicable), face decorations, and mounting (if installation is included). The five-year warranty starts on the date of installation completion and customer acceptance.

See the Warranty page for the full warranty details.


After the sign is installed, annual inspections should be performed by qualified persons. In the event of extremely high winds, an inspection should be performed immediately afterwards to check points of attachments and for any other fatigue.


In the event of a face “Blow-Out”, a replacement should be installed as soon as possible to prevent water entry into the sign body. A tarp can be used until the new face is installed.  Immediately after a face “Blow-Out”, disconnect or shut off the power to the sign to help prevent further damage to the electrical  system within the sign.


Normal washing instructions- Your sign can be washed much like an automobile.  It is best to wash your sign on a cloudy day, or out of direct sunlight.

Follow these basic instructions:

A)  Shut off the power to the sign.
B)  Use a soft damp cotton cloth or a soft bristle brush. High pressure is not recommended.
C) Water the entire surface from the top of the sign down, to rinse loose dirt off.
***Caution- There are vents on the sides of the cabinet and weep holes in the bottom
that should not have water forced into.  Normal water flow from the top downward.
D) Using a mild detergent such as a car wash solution works best.  Do not use harsh chemicals!
E)  Wash the top of sign first, then work all sides down, rinsing thoroughly before the solution dries.
F)  Dry the surfaces with a cotton cloth before the water dries to help eliminate harsh water spots.

Note: Occasionally the inside of the face may need to be cleaned with the same process.


Graffiti on signs should be cleaned as soon as possible before the paint hardens. Mild chemicals such as WD-40 can be tested in an inconspicuous place before attempting to clean the affected area.

Use a soft white cotton rag and test first.  For plastic faces, use only Grip Gard T-4000 Solvent remover for polycarbonate, and use extra caution when cleaning around the lettering. Grip Gard T-4000 can be purchased from Reece Supply, 2606 Bell St., Houston, Tx. 77002 (713) 228-9496.


Perform periodic night inspections for any dim areas of lighting.  Your sign is equipped with electronic ballasts which will be difficult to tell if a lamp is out.  In extremely cold nights, your sign may appear dim and this is normal.  When the sign is initially turned on, there will be a few seconds of a “flickering’ effect and this is normal-  The trickle of electricity from the ballast to the lamp helps to extend the life of the bulbs.


Perform periodic daytime inspections for any loose metal or plastic, including points of attachments and exterior electrical joints or connections. Anything out of the ordinary should be reported by calling Atlas Sign Services at 713-699-112, or e-mailing


Electrical sign cabinets should never be drilled into. Drilling into a sign cabinet body will void the warranty. If a temporary banner or tarp is installed onto your sign, use only rope to secure.

It is the customer’s responsibility to supply proper power to the sign at all times. Signs are required to be on their own dedicated circuit with no other electrical appliance or device attached on the same circuit.

Atlas Sign Services, Inc. cannot warranty the sign on a defective circuit.