Electronic Marquees

Engage your local community with the versatility of electronic marquees, the ultimate communication tool!

Electronic Marquees (EMCs) have evolved significantly, transitioning from simple “text-only” displays to sophisticated tools for communication and marketing that can showcase text, high-resolution images, and videos. At Atlas Signs, we reject the standard “one size fits all” model commonly used by other sign companies, offering a diverse range of EMC solutions tailored to our customers’ unique needs.

We provide both Daktronics and Watchfire EMC solutions, ensuring that our signs not only meet but exceed our customers’ expectations. Whether it’s constructing a new sign from the ground up or updating an existing structure with a new EMC, Atlas Signs adopts an individual “Design-Build” strategy for each project.

Contact us today to discover how we can design a customized electronic marquee for your business, church, or school!

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Electronic marquees are essential communication tools for local governments, from schools to cities. Investing in an EMC means investing in your community, providing a reliable way to keep residents informed about current events and serving as a crucial alert system during emergencies.

At Atlas Signs, we are committed to offering EMC products that are dependable in times of crisis. Equipped with Verizon 4G cellular communication and cloud-based control suites, our marquees are some of the most reliable information systems available for any community. Contact us today to start designing your next EMC package and learn how we can incorporate emergency messaging into your upcoming sign project!

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Atlas Signs is an authorized dealer for Watchfire Displays.

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